Quick Way to Fix OST Synchronization Issues in MS Outlook

If there is a networking environment available in an organization then various Outlook users can operate at a time with an Exchange domain Server. MS Exchange Server connects the mailboxes of the Outlook users with the internet, establishing a smooth environment for swift outgoing and ingoing emails. When the system is not connected with the Exchange Server, the Outlook mailbox of the Exchange Server goes to the offline mode. In the offline mode, Outlook creates an OST file, which is there in the Windows drive.

OST Files

OST files are a type of very special file as it permits Outlook users to communicate and manage their mailbox data even when the system is not connected to the Exchange Server. OST file in Outlook are very much capable in working at offline mode. Whatever changes or alteration is done in the OST files are automatically transferred to the Exchange Server when the system is connected with an online internet network. This process of OST files getting automatically transferred to Exchange Server after the online connection is established – named as Synchronization process.

Non-Synchronization Issue of Outlook OST

The Synchronization of Outlook OST files with the Exchange Server must be carried out in a swift way. It all depends on the Synchronization process to the make the altered OST file accessible in the online mode. Offline Storage Files or OST files do not last long as they are temporary files, visible only for a limited time period. OST files get inaccessible if the internet connection is not available for a very long time. It results in corruption of mailbox data stored in the OST files as it gets looked up for future usage. All these results in complete OST file corruption and bar a user in using it as it becomes inaccessible from every angle.

Users face many error messages while synchronizing the OST files in MS Outlook mailbox with the Exchange Server. Even after the complete synchronization process, users notices that their some OST files are missing.

OST integrity Check Tool

In such cases, where users find it troublesome to fix the issue of OST file corruption, they are recommended to use the OST integrity Check Tool. This in-built tool of Microsoft can check the OST file. This tool is only compatible with OST files and functions to diagnose and repair the OST file synchronization issues. OST Integrity Tool scans the OST file and the mailbox on the Exchange Server and compares all the email items. It is free utility tool used to fix the synchronization issue, which happens between the mailbox on the Exchange Server and the local copy of the Offline Storage File.

OST Integrity Tool Is Not Always the Best Choice!

Nevertheless, OST Integrity Tool is not always the best data recovery tool and professional third party conversion software has become the need of the hour in order to fix OST file corruption. Therefore, users must lay strong emphasis on choosing the most reliable and trusted OST to PST Converter software, which guarantees to convert OST file to PST format in a hassle-free way, making the mailbox data accessible.


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